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KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Council #13037 High Springs, Florida

                                                                                                                      Council 13037  Scholarship Award

About the Council #13037 Scholarship:

The Knights of Columbus Council #13037 will be awarding two $500 tuition assistance scholarship awards to Catholic students who are members of St Madeleine’s Parish or San Juan Mission and are  enrolled or accepted at an accredited Catholic High School in the Diocese of St. Augustine. Affiliation with the Knights of Columbus is not required. The award is a one-time award and previous award winners may apply in subsequent years.  Awards will be made on the basis of academic excellence and personal qualifications. In addition, the applicant must be in good standing with their most recent school, have class grades of 2.5 GPA or more on a 4.0 scale for the current academic year, must submit the application and required documents by the deadline. Funds are applicable for tuition only and will be paid directly in the name of the school for benefit of the student.

Required Documents:

1. Scholarship Application. Complete  the application on the last page of this announcement. 

2. A one page essay (typed or clearly written) describing what community service means to you and how you hope to use what you learn to benefit your Parish, the community in which you live, your family and the country. Include a paragraph stating the reason or reasons you believe you deserve the scholarship.

 3. A Minimum of two Letters of Recommendation from: A Priest, Deacon, Ministry Leader, A current academic year teacher of the applicant, or appropriate county or state home school official, (on letter head),  a person who has worked with the applicant in an area of leadership, service, stewardship, or faith development.

 4. A list of church, school, and/or community service/stewardship activities and brief explanation of the activity if it necessary in your opinion.

 5. Include a letter of acceptance or proof of enrollment from their school. If a letter of acceptance or proof of enrollment is not available at the time of application, the applicant must provide the documentation before any award is distributed.

 6. An official Final transcript from the current school year, including grades, any disciplinary actions (e.g. in school or out of school suspension), and attendance. This document must have signature of appropriate school official.  THE OFFICIAL FINAL TRANSCRIPT MUST SHOW A COMPUTED GPA. IF YOUR DOCUMENT DOES NOT SHOW A GPA, COMPUTED ON A 4.0 SCALE,. YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

 All documentation MUST be received at the same time. Failure to submit all documents at the same time will result in rejection of the application.

Questions regarding the scholarship may be emailed to: GK George Mortensen @ georgejm1@joimail.com


Applications and required documents for the scholarships for the 2017- 2018 academic year must be received via mail on March 1st, 2018 by 5:00 P.M. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Complete the application and the six documents listed above and mail to:

Knights of Columbus Council 13037

Scholarship Application

17155 NW US Highway 441

High Springs, Fl. 32643




                Knights of Columbus Council 13037

 Scholarship Application 


Applicant’s name: __________________________________________


Mailing address: ___________________________________________                                     



Home phone:_____________________________________________


Email address: ____________________________________________


I would like to be considered for a Knights of Columbus Scholarship to:

(Name of School)__________________________________________


Applicant’s signature:_______________________________________


Date: __________________________


Applicant’s parent/guardian signature: __________________________


 Printed name:   ___________________________________________


 Mailing address:___________________________________________


 Home phone: _____________________________________________


 Email address: ____________________________________________


 Check List:

 1. Application__________

 2. One page essay__________

 3. Two Letters of Recommendation_________

 4.  List of Community Services Activities_________

 5.  Letter of Acceptance to or proof of enrollment from their school. ______

 6.  Official Final Transcript/with GPA______

 All documentation MUST be received at the same time. Failure to submit all elements at the same time will result in rejection of the application.

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