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About us;

In 1939, Monsignor J. Francis McIntyre, at that time Chaplain of the New York Chapter Knights of Columbus,  and who later became Cardinal McIntyre of Los Angeles, California, seeing great numbers of women coming  out of a Communist rally at Madison Square Garden, conceived the idea of a ladies organization to work with  the Knights of Columbus. The New York Chapter Knights of Columbus formulated a plan for such an  organization. Their plan called for the establishment of Auxiliaries in each Council and to coordinate the  efforts of all under the direction of one parent group. On March 2, 1939 the first Columbiettes were instituted in New York City. Since that memorable day, many new auxiliaries were formed and eventually  State Councils and a Supreme Council were established. New members are initiated in these subordinate  Auxiliaries and it is only through the integrity, strength and scope of these Auxiliary activities that the Columbiettes have become a recognized group of women working with the Knights of Columbus, promoting the ideals of   Columbianism.

The Columbiettes is an organization of over 13,666 Catholic women, 18 years of age or older, who are affiliated with the Knights of Columbus. At present, we have over 245 auxiliaries up and down the East Coast, Canada, Texas and California.

As a charitable, not-for-profit organization we support many different charities and are involved in community activities as well as working collectively with our Brother Knights to promote faith and unity. We also have many social events as well as our religious and charitable works where you will have the opportunity to meet other women who share your interest. We are an organization of woman from all backgrounds united by our Catholic faith, the Love of our family, our Love of Country and our commitment to helping others. Our patronesses are our Blessed Mother, St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Joan of Arc.

Our Emblem



  • The BLUE CIRCLE represents the World.
  • The WHITE CROSS represents Christ’s love for us – by His Crucifixion He redeemed the World.
  • The RAYS represent our zeal to serve God through the Mediums of Faith, Hope and Charity symbolized by the THREE WHITE STARS.
First Degree
Remembrances of the virtues of our Blessed 
Mother, St. Joan of Arc and St. Theresa
The Little Flower. 


Major Degree

A reality of life and a review of the 

Catholic doctrines that have

been set before us. 


Our Patronesses
  • Blessed Virgin Mary – Let us be ever mindful of the responsibility which is ours, by emulating her in her purity, and by imitating her as a Mother, for we, as Catholics know, that she is the foundation of all true motherhood.
  • Saint Theresa, the Little Flower – In her great zeal to serve Almighty God, she welcomed any opportunity to make sacrifices.
  • St. Joan of Arc – She was always ready to give her aid unselfishly to those who defended a righteous cause.


 Our Founders

They ignited the spirit of the Columbiette Order 
May we continue to kindle the flame.

The Honorable Margaret Mary Josephine Mangan

In 1959, Judge Mangan was elected the First President of the Supreme Council Columbiettes. She was a woman of greatness and humility and was dedicated to the Columbiettes. The Columbiettes were always dear to her heart and she brought honor and glory to the Columbiettes in all aspects of her career as a Supreme Court Justice and a Catholic woman.
John Leo Coyle             Charles P. Maruca
Thomas J. Hartigan, Chairman of the New York Chapter Knights of Columbus, designated Past Grand Knight Charles P. Maruca and Faithful Navigator John Leo Coyle, both as Advisors to formulate a plan to follow through on the ideas put forth by the Chaplain. They enlisted the aid of a member of St. Nicholas Auxiliary, Margaret Mary J. Mangan, to assist them. Their untiring efforts thus resulted in the Columbiettes. John Leo Coyle, a blind Attorney, who worked from the outset of the formation of the Organization, composed a First Degree. On December 17, 1939, the First Degree was exemplified for all the Columbiettes in existing Auxiliaries. The Major Degree was completed in 1942 and was exemplified at the Capital Hotel in Manhattan. The Degrees brought the Columbiettes in format with the Knights of Columbus structure.

To our founders we dedicate ourselves to do God’s work on earth promoting unity, Christ’s love for each of us, and zeal to serve God through Faith, Hope and Charity.
Columbiettes Auxiliary meetings:
General Business meetings are the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:00 pm.
Meeting 9 months out of the year and off for the months of June, July and August.
Annual dues: $25
Installation fee: $12
1st Degree: $5
Major Degree: $7 
For more information contact;
President; Peggy Vurgason 609-273-2035 
c/o St. Madeleine Catholic Church
17155 N.W. US Highway 441
High Springs, Fl 32643 


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